Always at Your Service

At Sunshine Services we take pride, not only in our community, but in being part of the community as a whole. This is why we feel it is so important to take the initiative and find ways to help. One of our most recent efforts involves working to clean up major traffic areas so that residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy their time on the road and have an experience that is free from clutter and trash.


Our team focuses on cleaning up local roads and highway off ramps, clearing them of debris and trash. By taking the time to clean up the local highway, and even several main roads, such as those in Summit Township pictured here, we are working to do our part to help our home to be clean and to be something we can all be proud of.

Pride in our community and respect for the environment is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all of those who live in and visit this great city. The team at Sunshine strives to maintain that belief both in, and out, of our standard working environment.

Take the Challenge!

We're challenging you to give back! Look around the community and find a need, even if it is a small one that you can answer. Because if everyone does their part, there is no telling what we are capable of!